Visual Consults have positive impacts!

Add collaborative and innovative solutions to your complex patient communications

While you likely use visual aids in your practice, you may not be using them to their fullest potential. Your CH Mobile Application now provides immediate access to amazingly high quality images and videos that add meaning and comprehension to the discussions you have with your patients. The images can be instantly available on the app you are already using to document the visit.


These incredible visuals use topic-specific expertise to convey true understanding to your patients. They are professionally designed to enhance the communication of conditions, anatomy, procedures and concepts to your patients and are proven to improve comprehension, retention and relationships.


The extensive library contains thousands of images and short videos representing many different specialties and topics. Each practice or individual physician can create a “favorites list” of those visuals most relevant to their needs and preferences.


The visuals are stored in the Command Health cloud, so no need to worry about the storage capacity on your device. You can choose to create your own

narration or use the high-end recordings included.


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