When was the last time you heard physicians mention the joy of practicing medicine... or praise the workflow needed to enter—or to find—data in the electronic medical record?

Prepare for a w

Prepare for a wave of positive response you never thought possible

"I hereby officially withdraw my retirement notice."

"I used to spend my evenings documenting, now we eat dinner as a family."

"The doctors are completing and signing their documentation on time, for the first time!"

"We no longer have to draw straws to see who has to tell the doctor about report deficiencies."

"It just works."

"I praise our administration for making this solution available to us."

"This technology just gets me."

"This changes everything!"

"This is the first technology in years that actually makes my life better."

"I no longer get questioned days or weeks later about elements of my clinical documentation."

"I love this new system."

"If I had known this was an option, I would not have retired."

"The doctors are finally reading and giving thoughtful responses to messages we have been sending through other methods for years."

* Quote sources available upon request

What is the most important change your organization can make...


Engage Physicians!

  • Engaged Physicians drive better outcomes
  • 480% more committed to active participation in their organization's success
  • 250% more likely to recommend their organization
  • 370% more likely to participate in change

If the goal is immediate and sustainable change, the science of human behavior--the driver of true changes in performance--cannot be ignored.

Make it easier to do the right thing...

and change will not only be achieved, but embraced.




Happy Doctors,

Happy Patients

Better Data,

Better Outcomes

A 10-20% improvement in control...

has a 200-300% positive impact

Good technology...

  • Does not need to be forced on users
  • Does not require work-arounds
  • Is personalized, not one-size-fits-all
  • Does what it is intended to do
  • Expands what is possible
  • Is freely adopted because it makes work easier

The unceasing volume of messages reaching doctors has expanded beyond the number they believe they can handle...

- 2013 Rand Study

When doctors come to work happy,

patients go home happy.


Satisfaction soars for both.

Message and task queue bloat


Messages that get read

Quality responses received


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