Command Health's Patient Engagement Pages perform as a powerful new communication platform to increase compliance, favorable outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Patients, providers, caregivers and care-coordinators can now easily communicate and share important information.


Patient Engagement Pages are a profoundly personal cloud-based communication platform that engage and empower.


Providers, their clients and other healthcare stakeholders can stay connected and share information easily and securely on their own personalized resource page.


Providers, patients and their care teams can quickly, securely and easily share: Educational materials, office forms, secure comments, notes from other providers, video/audio (e.g. key instructions) personalized video/audio messages.


Revisiting the Visit


Providers can even record video or audio of key moments of the visit using the simple Command Health App. Video or audio is automatically uploaded to the resource page where patients and their care team can then "revisit the visit" as often as they'd like. Easy to use and HIPAA secure and compliant.


Personalizing the Experience


Each page is individualized for each client with personalized relevant content and secure comments. Plus, it's easy to coordinate care and share page with others, including videos, audio or more.

The Results Are In

Command Health's Portal outperforms traditional Healthcare portals by 66%.



Traditional Healthcare Portal Utilization Rate

Command Health Portal Utilization Rate

Providers report increased patient satisfaction and better outcomes.


Analysis of 5 unique provider environments:

  • 74% of patients viewed their pages (n=766 of 1,033) in the days and weeks following the visit.
  • 75% of those clients visited their pages multiple times (n=576 of 766)
  • Average # of times page is viewed: 5.5
  • Median # of times page is viewed: 3.0


Traditional  healthcare engagement portals struggle to achieve single digit utilization rate (average 8%).


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