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Not Just Dashboards and Charts—Real Change

Change You Can Measure

Hundreds of vendors today are selling “data analytics” while throwing around terms like Physician Engagement, Population Management and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI).  Their color charts, dashboards and reports will, for the most part, give you a lot of detail about shortcomings you already recognize.  What they fail to do is drive meaningful change.


Command Health’s tools provide both the mechanism and method to deliver meaningful change in the areas you are most concerned about today and the ones that will be keeping you awake at night next year and the year after that. Now you can proactively apply your guidelines and criteria across 100% of your documentation as it is created so you can make changes, mitigate risks, reduce denials and improve outcomes as care decisions are made and documented. Never miss the opportunity to catch errors, improve specificity, Severity of Illness (SOI) and Risk of Mortality (ROM). Capture missed revenue while driving appropriate intervention or follow-up.  The Command Health IQ Current Data Analytic Toolset effectively augments and supports ICD-10 preparation and execution.


Command Health leverages a process that is enthusiastically supported by your physicians—when is the last time you heard that?  We also leverage your existing systems—all your existing systems—to make life easier for your entire patient care team as well as coders, CDI staff and compliance and risk managers. The single most common comment from personnel in each of these areas… “it just works.”


Command Health is the industry’s only proven method to create immediate change that improves behaviors and outcomes. Our key to success is a process that is not dependent on after-the-fact analysis and sampling.  We neither interrupt the physician’s thought process with a barrage of pop-ups that physicians quickly learn to ignore and dismiss, nor burden them with information delivered too late to protect the record or drive change. Instead, we deliver meaningful feedback, delivered in a supportive, non-interruptive fashion on a consistent basis concurrent with the visit and the documentation process.


Ask for a free analysis, talk to our current clients, read the white papers and case studies and then take a no risk trial to demonstrate for yourself what real change can mean to your organization.


Go ahead—be the hero. Saving the day just got easy!


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