We create solutions that empower doctors to take back control of their work and their documentation.

It's Your Time

It's Your Reputation

It's Your Livelihood

Command Health works with providers to ensure complete and accurate documentation of their patient encounters by each physician’s own preferred methodology—not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. The CH Mobile app gives a single, simple view of every patient in every environment across every facility and every record system. A single tap on the screen and you never have to search for, or dictate, patient identifiers or other repetitive data again.


Simple and Easy

That's what technology was supposed to deliver in the first place. No more being told days later of missing or incomplete documentation. No more being asked in the hallway or by a scrap of paper to reconsider your documentation and thought process from days ago.  Are you tired of being told “you’re doing it wrong” or “no one else is having that issue”?  Would you like to take back control and command of your documentation process?  How about a live “Data Concierge” that you can access 24/7 through your mobile app?   There’s “On Star” for your car… isn’t it time someone helped you navigate through your clinical data needs?


Many physicians achieve savings of hours every day with less frustration.  Many tell us the joy of practicing medicine has returned along with their confidence in providing better patient care.  Concerns over documenting deficiencies, coding queries and audit liabilities are a thing of the past.  Secure memos to yourself or others about your patients are where you want them, when you want them as you walk in the room.


Your Reputation and Livelihood

Let’s be honest.  It’s your signature on that pile of “documentation” that is being created and sent out under your name; and being used to code the visit.  It’s your reputation on the line.  It’s not just the government looking for things in your documentation that didn’t happen, or you trying to find the “nuggets” of important data in the maze of canned text.  It’s your patients and your colleagues that are viewing the record as well.  It’s your public profile and your livelihood on the line. It’s your patient’s lives.


What about the important elements from the patient’s story that never make it into the record at all? “Oh, doctor...  one more thing” your patient says just as you are walking out of the room.  What they tell you is important but it would take longer than the entire visit to go back into the system and try to meaningfully add it to the documentation.


We understand that the EMR needs to be populated.  We can help with that.  But let your thoughtful narrative be your protection; your gift to your referring and consulting colleagues—and to your patients.


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