If your hospital or clinic already has a Clinical Documentation improvement (CDI) program…


Command Health can transform the investment you have already made in personnel, training and education; enhance your analytics capabilities and then drive the real and lasting change that has eluded you.  Start building on success instead of reviewing the same shortcomings over and over.  Our mobile app creates true physician engagement because it is both supportive and concurrent with the documentation process—while the patient encounter is still fresh in physician’s  minds and before documentation is finalized.   The result is immediate, positive and lasting change.


But if you do not have a CDI program…


the reason is most likely a function of limits on your available resources—time, funding, personnel and focus—rather than any lack of appreciation for the needed, even necessary, benefits (better outcomes and improved, lower risk reimbursement) that can be driven from successful CDI.


Command Health’s CDI-in-a-Box™ now allows you to have your own complete end-to-end CDI program with full physician support and ultra-time-efficient utilization of existing personnel, processes and systems.  No change in your EMR and no added personnel… just an enthusiastic change in your physicians’ approach to documenting for the health of their patients and your organization.  That’s right.  We said enthusiastic.


Command Health’s approach to CDI is fully supported and endorsed by national experts in the field—and more importantly by the physicians we engage with.


Your program can be up and running in weeks, not months, and we guarantee you will see measurable, real world, bottom-line, delivered value before you see an invoice from Command Health.  You are entering a world where you are paid not for what you do, but for the results you deliver.  We expect you to hold us to that same standard and to be paid for the value and outcomes we deliver.


What sets us apart:

Analytics Engine – the best, most effective analytics in the world, without the cost

A physician- supportive mobile app that creates Real Engagement to drive Real Change

Provable, measurable improvement… we guarantee it.


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